911 panic: Rowena Donnelly tells Sheriff’s Deputy ‘Tim has abandoned his family and stolen my guns.’

In 2016, Rowena Donnelly, Tim Donnelly’s wife, called 911 from the Twin Peaks home she shared with Donnelly since 1995. Why? Donnelly had “abandoned” his family and stole her guns on the way out. Here’s the excerpt from the official San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department report from June 19, 2016:

Just twelve days after an embarrassing loss in the 2016 Congressional Primary, Tim Donnelly lost control. According to his wife, Rowena, he abandoned his large family, stole 5-6 of her guns, and was ignoring all attempts to contact him.

Read the full report for this June 19, 2016 incident and reference to a 2003 DUI here:

Download the report here.

Rowena also notes that Tim Donnelly cannot own guns legally, due to a prior felony — a felony he denied publicly.

Why did Donnelly run? Did he owe even more money? Did his wife learn of his latest infidelity?

Do we want a felon, a man who abandons his family, a man who steals from his wife to be our representative? HELL NO!