Tim Donnelly scammed a senior citizen for tens of thousands of dollars.

The video above chronicles the plight of Anna from Palm Springs, now 75 years old. Anna was an early supporter of Tim Donnelly in 2010. An advocate for greater border security, Anna thought she had found a champion in Donnelly. Instead, Donnelly found what he was looking for: access to money for his massive debts, and lots of it. In total, he took $65,000 from Anna.

Donnelly used Anna’s money illegally on his campaign, to pay off other debts, to pay off his misdemeanor fines, and to fund his lifestyle – all despite earning $91,000 per year in salary and over $30,000 per year in tax-free “per diem” pay as an Assemblyman for four years (December 2011-December 2014).

Want proof? Here’s a copy of a $10,000 Bank of America cashier’s check from Anna to Rowena Donnelly dated April 30, 2012, when Donnelly was already in office as an Assemblyman:

In 2011, while an Assemblyman with a huge salary, Donnelly’s wife Rowena even sent Anna the bill for their children’s private school tuition:

(Download this bill and email here.)

In 2012, while still an Assemblyman, Donnelly borrowed Anna’s 2008 Nissan Xterra and damaged it. The bill came to over $2500. What did Donnelly do? He sent the bill to Anna:

The file above shows Donnelly’s name on the bill from Tire Guys and Anna’s DMV registration for the Xterra (she still owns the vehicle). The matching license plate number is found on both the bill and the DMV registration.

(Download this bill here.)

While Donnelly lived on the high horse, Anna suffered. Donnelly never reported the loans on financial disclosures, nor did he disclose all monies Anna provided for his campaign efforts (a clear violation of California law).

Anna now lives on credit cards and can no longer afford her rent. Donnelly has yet to pay her back. This 2015 email exchange between Donnelly and Anna proves his liability:

(Download this email exchange here.)

In the exchange, Donnelly states plainly, “Rowena and I were separated, and I did sleep in my truck and studio. We are no longer separated.” One wonders what his wife learned about Tim that caused the latest separation.

Donnelly’s perpetual office seeking becomes clear when he says, “If I do get
back in office or get more steady work, I’ll get a loan, and pay you off in full immediately.” Simply put: he can’t find work, so he keeps running.

Donnelly closes by threatening Anna, “You need to decide if you want to harass me to death, or get paid a little each month, until things improve and I can pay you off.

Is this the Congressman you want? One who needs to be elected to address his monetary woes? One who threatens an elderly woman who he’s scammed for tens of thousands of dollars?